Indie Dyer Spotlight

Twisted Owl Fiber Studio

Twisted Owl all started with a sweater pattern. I had the needles, I had the pattern, but every yarn I bought and swatched was just not right. I happened upon a podcast where the podcaster was talking about a yarn dyeing class. The thought had never even crossed my mind that I could dye my own yarn. This is when the skies opened up and a chorus of angels sang a song while little cherubs strummed those little guitars, or maybe a light bulb went off over my head, but all of a sudden all I could think was… I can dye my own yarn!!!!This thought was always on my mind so, of course…

I did some research. Then I did some more research. I finally got most of the supplies I needed, I found my biggest pot, got a sample pack of dye, and some undyed yarn. That day was the day I dyed the ugliest yarn in the most ridiculous colors ever, but I had so much fun!

After a year of experimenting (yes, I did felt a whole ball of wool, oops!) and finding out how wool reacts to dye I discovered my true joy in the dyeing process and my passion in creating projects from the yarn I dye.

Each and every skein we dye is unique. We hand dye all our yarns in small lots ranging from 6 to 10 skeins. While we do have some lots that are semi-solid, most of our yarns are spotted, speckled, variegated, and every which way in-between.


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