Indie Dyer Spotlight

LolaBean Yarn Co.

LolaBean Yarn Co. (formerly Adella’s Crochet Cottage) began 5 years ago with a single stitch; that quickly turned into a thousand stitches as I contemplated on what I would do to pass time while my husband was away in Afghanistan. 

I first learned to crochet and knitting soon followed. I became obsessed with all of the different colors, textures and compositions of the different yarns I’d come across. One day, I came across a Youtube video of someone dyeing yarn, and I thought to myself “Hey you should try this!” So I did. Dyeing came very naturally to me and I was encouraged by my friends and family to start my own business and sell my hand dyed creations. The rest is history. 

After the birth of my daughter, I realized that I had much more to live for and be grateful about. I decided to rebrand my company in honor of my little princess, in hopes that one day I would be able to pass something down to her and keep the legacy alive. As a woman of color, I want to show my daughter, and hopefully inspire others, that we can achieve success regardless of the circumstances.

I look forward to growing and expanding my brand, not only for my daughter, but for the future generation of independent fiber artists.

Shop LolaBean Yarn Co. here. 


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