Waves Bandana Indigo Kit
Waves Bandana Indigo Kit Waves Bandana Indigo Kit Waves Bandana Indigo Kit
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The Waves Bandana is one of the many projects from Kristine Vejar's book, The Modern Natural Dyer. This kit is designed to make it easier for you to create the Waves Bandana and to dye with indigo. All materials have been pre-measured. Simply use the contents of the jar at each designated step. The instructions for this kit are found in The Modern Natural Dyer.

This kit contains the materials to make your very own indigo vat. The bandanas in this kit make a great canvas to explore the world of solid blue, or use the thread included to make wave-like patterns. There is enough dye in this kit to dye many more items - like t-shirts, pillowcases, dresses, etc. 

Inside this kit:

  • Two white bandanas (approx. 72g)
  • Scour
  • Indigo
  • All agents to create an indigo vat
  • pH strips
  • Whisk
  • Gloves
  • Button + craft thread

To complete project, you will need:

  • The Modern Natural Dyer book
  • easuring cup
  • Drying rack or clothesline
  • Dropcloth (optional)

(product detail photo credit: A Verb for Keeping Warm)