Virtual Knitting 101 - Scratch Supply Co.
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Wishing you'd learned to knit before you found yourself self-isolating? We've got your back with one-on-one online classes.

This can work one of two ways, depending on your current supply situation:

Do you have yarn and needles at home? Great! We'll come up with a perfect learn-to-knit project. (If this is you, please let us know what you have available in the notes at checkout.)

Don't have anything? Here's our handy shopping list:

(If this is you, schedule your session a few days out so your supplies have time to arrive!)

All sessions are hosted on Zoom. Zoom can be accessed via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. (If using a tablet or smartphone, you will need to download the free Zoom app from the App Store / Google Play.)

If you aren't seeing an option to book a time, it might be browser incompatibility. If this is the case, we'll contact you via email to arrange your time after you check out!