US 8 TWIST Interchangeable Needle Tips

US 8 (5 mm)

Chiaogoo cord lengths do not include the length of the needle tips.

These 3", 4" and 5″ precisely-machined, lace tips are made of surgical stainless steel. The size is laser imprinted on each tip. They have an incredibly clean join, and lovely, pointy tips. 

Choosing a cable: 

This tip side uses the SMALL cords

  • Tips sizes US000 - US 1.5 connect to the mini cords (available in all cord lengths)
  • Tips sizes US2 - US 8 connect to the small cords (available in all cord lengths)
  • Tips sizes US9 - US15 connect to the large cords (available in all cord lengths)
  • Tightening keys are included in with the cords, not the tips.
Tip length is a matter of personal preference. We recommend the 3" tips for very small diameter project such as sleeves; 4" tips for those knitters with particularly small hands or for small-diameter projects such as hats; we recommend the 5" tips for knitters with large hands.
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