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US 13 TWIST Interchangeable Needle Tips

These precisely-machined lace tips are made of surgical stainless steel. The size is laser imprinted on each tip. They have an incredibly clean join and lovely, pointy tips. 

Use with Chiaogoo TWIST cables

Cable Size 4" & 5" Tips 3" Tips
US 000 - US 1.5 US 000 - US 3
Small US 2 - US 8 US 4 - US 8
Large US 9 - US 15  -----  

    Please note: Chiaogoo cord lengths do not include the length of the needle tips. Use these 4″ tips with an 8″ TWIST cable to make a 16″ circular needle.

    Tightening keys are included with the cords, not the tips.


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