Apricot | Cashgora Sport

260-359 yards | 100 grams | sport weight


  • 2-ply skein, 100 grams 
  • Yardage falls within the range of 260-359 yards.


Handspun, hand-dyed cashgora yarn.  Spun and dyed by a women's co-operative in Tajikistan.  The cashgora is raised by farmers in the Pamir mountains in the southern part of the country.  The goats are combed and the fiber is sent to be washed and de-haired in Afghanistan.  The fiber is then distributed to the spinners in seven different villages in Tajikistan - three in the north and four in the south.

Cashgora refers to goats that are a crossbreed of Angora (mohair) and cashmere-producing goats.  The resulting fiber produces a yarn with the best qualities of each goat breed - the strength and shine from Angora and the softness of cashmere.  Though technically not as fine as cashmere, cashgora ranges between 18 and 23 microns, similar to the softness of Merino wool.  This yarn is durable, less prone to pilling than cashmere, and gets high marks for drape in your finished product. 

Use it for:

The softest accessories you could ever wish for!


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