2021 Solstice Calendar

This listing is for ready to ship Solstice Calendars. Pre-orders have been mailed.

Solstice Calendars are designed to be opened from Dec. 1-21 to celebrate the change of season, but can be opened on whatever schedule works for you!

For our first-ever solstice box we are collaborating with some of our favorite indie dyers to bring you gorgeous, moody colorways on a yak base that you will absolutely adore.

Our dyers for this collaboration are:

  • Doug Lopez of KnittinBro
  • Terra Mitchell of Mitchells Creations
  • Nikki Corder of Forest Fiber Arts

Our designer for this collaboration is:

Each solstice box includes:
✨ 21 mini skeins, 20g / 87 yards each (7 colorways from each dyer), designed to be opened one per day 
✨ 1 100g / 437 yard skein of undyed SW merino/yak/nylon blend to tie it all together
✨ pattern especially for this collection
✨ specially-selected gifts for you from us
✨ box art designed by Brian Barthelmes 

Please note that we are not able to offer free shipping on solstice calendars.

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