Ruby | 100% Qiviut

190 yards | 28 g | lace weight


  • Fiber Content: 100% Qiviut
  • Weight: 28g / 1 oz / 190yds


Qiviut (Ki-vee-oot) is an Inuit word describing the finest and warmest layer of fur or down on Arctic animals, including muskox, Arctic Hare and Arctic Fox. Qiviut is an ultra-fine hair and not like sheep wool that has microscopic barbs. Muskox qiviut is most well known of the arctic fibres that Nunavut Qiviut spins into yarn.

All Arctic fiber supplies from Nunavut Qiviut are locally sourced and support the traditional lifestyles of the Kugluktuk community.

Use it for:

100% Qiviut Lace Yarn – 100% Qiviut Lace Yarn represents all the best qualities of this magnificent fibre – light, sensuous, and luxuriously soft. 100% Qiviut Lace yarn does not have elasticity like wool and has low abrasive resistance. Don’t waste this rare pure fibre on heels and elbows. 100% Qiviut Lace Yarn is used for knitting accessories such as scarves and cowls. 

Qiviut must be hand-wound.


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