Specialty felting needles from Wizpicks.

Beginner set: 1 each of pink, burgundy, mauve, brown, orange, yellow, cream, blue

Expansion set: 1 each of red, peach, gold, white, grey, aqua, lime, green

Complete set: 1 each of all 16 needles



Color  Gauge Barbs Function
Everyday Pink 32 3x3x0 Strong
Red 36 2x2x2x2


Mauve 36 2x2x2 Kids
Burgundy 38 2x2x2 Deep
Peach 38 2x2x2x2 Condense (fine)
Dynamic Lime 32 3x3x3 Coarse
Green 36 3x3x3 Fast
Companion Brown 40 3x3x3 Indent
Cream 40 2x2x2 Merino
Yellow 40 2x2x2 Outline
Gold 40 3x3x0 Strong (fine)
Orange 40 2x2x2

Tip Felter

Delicate White 42 2x2x2


Grey 42 1x1x1


Special Blue 32 8x0x0


Aqua 40 6x0x0

Sideways (fine)

Gilt 32 2x2x2 Reverse (coarse)
Silver 40 2x2x2 Reverse (fine)