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Degas | Arbor

145yd50g ● DK Weight ● Targhee ● Non-Superwash

  • 145 yards (132 meters) | 50 grams | 23.5 microns | DK weight
  • Montana & South Dakota-grown Targhee wool
  • Spun at Worsted Spinning New England in Springvale, Maine
  • Dyed at Ultimate Textile in Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Targhee sheep from Montana and South Dakota lend their distinctive fleece to Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor yarn. This fleece is a finewool, bearing the softness of its distant Merino ancestry, but with a durability enhanced by additional longwool genetics. It also has an elastic quality that, when combined with worsted-spinning as in Arbor, produces plush and dense, yet sturdy fabrics suitable for next-to-skin wear.

Arbor's short skeins make it great for colorwork projects. It's a gorgeous sweater yarn!

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