Cortado | Peerie

210 yards (192 meters) | 20.5 microns | 50 grams | fingering weight


  • Utah & Nevada grown Merino wool
  • Dyed in Saco, Maine
  • Spun in Springvale, Maine
  • Gauge: 6¼ –8 stitches to 1"  |  Suggested Needle: 2¾-3½ mm (US 2-4)


    Brooklyn Tweed's merino wool averages 20.5 microns — within the typical finewool range, and retaining the Merino-specific quirks of supreme density, high tensile strength, high crimp, and delightful springiness. Worsted-spun for a smooth hand, Peerie hits the sweet spot of being both next-to-skin soft and durable (not prone to pilling).

    Use it for:

    Hats, sweaters, or any soft against-your-skin-accessories.

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