Corporal, 19th Indiana Vol. Inf. Reg., Iron Brigade, 1862 - Scratch Supply Co.
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Material: Resin

Scale: 75mm (1:10)

The Iron Brigade was an infantry brigade that belonged to the Army of the Potomac and was composed entirely of regiments from those that were the Western States of the Union at that time: the 2nd, 6th and 7th of Wisconsin, the 19th of Indiana and the 24th of Michigan. The nickname came from the iron resolution for combat of the men that belonged to it.

The brigade was made up of a handful of American soldiers from farms and cities of the Western States and a high number of Irish, English, Scandinavian, German and even Canadian immigrants.

The uniform of this unit is quite interesting. At first, four of the brigade regiments wore gray uniforms, but decided to change them after an incident at Bull Run in which the 2nd of Wisconsin was mistaken for a Southern unit by the men of the Irish Brigade and suffered casualties from friendly fire.