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Community Crafting Fund

I'd like my funds to go toward:

Everyone deserves access to quality instruction and supplies.

In the era of fast fashion, making things with your hands is a radical and subversive act. (If you want to know more, Tove Hermanson has an excellent post about it here.) It's also out of the reach of many members of our community.

This is why we're implementing our Community Crafting Fund. This allows members of our community who might able to to contribute to the access of those for whom cost is an insurmountable barrier.

If you would like to contribute to this fund, you can choose either instruction or materials. Those funds will be made available for anyone who needs them, no questions asked.

Community Crafting Funds are dispensed on an as-available, as-needed basis. If you would like to access these funds for yourself, please come see us in person or send an email to