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12 oz. Voter Camp Mug

We believe that voting is one of our greatest responsibilities and rights as American citizens. To ensure our country’s diversity of cultures and experiences, we also believe that a better future happens when we band together and use the power of our collective voice. And on November 3rd, your vote is your voice. Regardless of your preferred language, we implore you to exercise your right to vote. 

The 2020 Voter Camp Cup design honors our country’s diversity by featuring 18 of the more than 350 languages Americans use to communicate every day. Your vote and your voice uphold democracy, no matter the language you speak.


  • 12oz // 354mL
  • Thermo3D® double wall vacuum insulation - keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold
  • 18/8 stainless steel - enduring material meets beautiful design
  • Does not sweat - let’s save that for the gym
  • BPA free - no Bad Plastic Awfulness (or Bisphenol A) here
  • Hardshell™ powder coat finish - safe, durable and classy
  • Lifetime warranty - the longer you live, the longer the warranty
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