Hi my name is Jiayi, owner/dyer of Wobble Gobble Yarn.
We are located in upstate NY. Inside a small single family house is where we brew our yarns. 
Many people had asked, why this name? It sounds a bit silly doesn't it? 
Yes it does. I fell in love with knitting, fell in love with all the beautiful hand dyed yarns, while I was caring for my two little wobbly toddlers.
I decided to start my own small business of hand dyed yarn, right around Thanksgiving time couple years ago, just like now.
I looked at my little ones and thought, why not name my brand, Wobble Gobble. 
Since then, my love for colors and speckles, and seeing my own creation being knitted up by talented hands like yours is what motivates me to keep going down this path. 
The yarn included in this club is called "Bonfire", as I'm seeing friends and families cheering around a bonfire, under the deep blue night sky, for the wonderful holidays.
Hope you enjoy the yarn as much as I did creating them!