Scratch Supply Co.'s first-ever yarn speakeasy!

This weekend (August 14 & 15), Lebanon Opera House's Nexus Music Festival is taking place in Colburn Park.

While it's extremely exciting to see people coming from outside of the area to gather in our downtown, with COVID cases on the rise, we're maintaining a cautious approach.

We don't want to create a situation where members of our fiber community are either prevented from--or overwhelmed by--accessing our space in the presence of non-fiber-related individuals who might just want to find some quiet or spend time in the air conditioning.

So we've come up with a plan. This weekend, Scratch will function like a yarn speakeasy.

This is an if you know, you know situation.

We will be in the shop our normal Saturday and Sunday hours (10-4). Unlike normal, however, the doors will be locked and the sign will say closed, but of course we still want you, our fiberfriends, to be able to come in.

You can gain access in one of three ways:

  • The password is Rhinebeck. You can say it at the door.
  • You can show us something yarn-related through the door - your WIP, a pattern page on your phone, something you're wearing, whatever!
  • We recognize your amazing (masked) face.

We hope you'll come visit us! We have amazing new yarn and lots of exciting patterns to show you.