Giving Back

We donate at least 2% of revenue each year to registered nonprofits.
In 2020, we donated over 4%.


We believe that business should be a force for good and is a vital component of strong communities. As an independently owned business, we have the freedom to support causes we believe in and to impact the world in a positive way. We invest in local communities by partnering with independent makers who are cornerstones of their home communities, and by investing in programs that support causes that are important to us.


We prioritize efforts in these areas:


Local nonprofits improving quality of life and access for all in the Upper Valley community.


Nonprofits promoting responsible environmental stewardship, grazing practices, and land ownership/access equity for BIPOC individuals



Social equity for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ makers, including seed grants and scholarships for new independent dyers and designers



Nonprofits improving and preserving voting access for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and otherwise underrepresented individuals

In 2020, we pledged 1% for the planet.


Our partner organizations focus on environmental stewardship, responsible grazing practices, and land access for BIPOC/BBIMP individuals.

Our Impact:

Our Products

86% of our products are produced within the US.

34% of our products are produced within 200 miles of the shop.

Our Makers

89% of the goods we sold in 2020 were made by women, BIPOC/BBIMP, and LGBTQ+ makers.

100% of our goods come from companies with fewer than 50 employees.