Charan Sachar

Unique one of a kind handmade pottery inspired by Indian designs, fabrics, embroidery, colors and Bollywood handcrafted by Charan Sachar. 

Charan has lived in India for a significant part of his life where his mother ran a boutique designing clothes for brides and bridesmaids. The colors, fabrics, embroidery hand designs he came across then have a strong impact on his work now.

Charan's work also reflects his love for Bollywood movies and his fascination with life in India. He strives to give life to clay, decorating it with Indian influences keeping functionality and uniqueness in mind.

Pottery has given him the much needed respite from the monotony of everyday life. Working with clay and giving it form feels as satisfying as organizing and bringing peace to all the chaos that is there around you. His goal is to continue to work with this medium to create art work which is cherished for life.

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