Meadows | Turbine

100 yards | 100 grams | bulky weight


  • 100% virgin wool


Soft-spun, minimally processed, cushy super-heathered woolen yarn!

TURBINE was created by combining two ends of flyWHEEL on the spinning frames. This technique is known as ‘mock-twisting’. By doing this, the yarn comes off of the frames more puffy and soft, but also more delicate than tightly spun singles. Because the base construction was designed to be soft, the yarn needed the structure of three plies together on the twister to create a ropy and more durable yarn.

TURBINE was designed to create exceptional textures and stitch definition in the knitting. If you look at the yarn closely, you’ll see the effect that the three ends plied gives the yarn. This resemblance to water spiraling through a pipe inspired the name.

Use it for:

Hats, cowls, or the warmest textured sweaters you could ever ask for.

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