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November Writers Workshop information

Thanks to all who came out for the first meetings of the Rebel and Raven Writers Groups today!

The theme for November will be characterization. We're asking Raven attendees to bring an example of writing that does a particularly successful (or particularly unsuccessful!) job in establishing a character. That writing could be your own, or someone else's. Be prepared to read it out loud.

(Rebel and Raspberry writers will also be discussing characterization, but examples will be provided.)

We also ask that attendees bring paper and a writing utensil for in-workshop exercises.

In general, workshop structure will include a writing exercise, case study, and discussion. We ask that critiques be offered in the strength/stretch format.*

The writing workshops will meet:

  • Rebel Writers: Tuesday November 15, 4-5 pm
  • Raven Writers: Tuesday November 15, 6-8 pm
  • Raspberry Writers: Tuesday November 22, 4-5 pm

We hope to see you in November!

*Each group member offers the writer being critiqued one strength (i.e., successful area) and one stretch (i.e., area that could use more work).

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