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KAL: Join us for a Year of Sweaters

As December came to a close, and I took time to think about what my "maker goals" for 2017 would be, I decided that a few things ranked as most important: 1. spend more time knitting, and completing projects. 2. add more handmade clothing to my wardrobe. 3. conquer knitting skills that I've been avoiding (hello, seeks!).

In an effort to combine all of these goals into one year-long project, I bring you my Year of Sweaters

#yearofsweaters 2017 KAL with Scratch

I invite you to join me! You might choose one or two that particularly appeal to you, or if you're feeling ambitious, knit them all! You can find more details about the patterns in my Ravelry queue. I'll post each here each month, and sharing progress photos on our Instagram using the tag #yearofsweaters. 

We've started a Ravelry group for Scratch--head on over, and join us!

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