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February Book Club and Writers Groups
February Book Club and Writers Groups

02 January, 2017 (0) Comments

February Book Club and Writers Groups

Both book club and writers group are free, drop-in events. New members welcome, no sign-up required!

The book club books for the month of February are:

Rebel and Raven - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

scratch january book club


Raspberry - The Giver by Lois Lowry

scratch february book club the giver

 The meeting times are as follows:

  • Rebel Book Club (high school age): Tuesday, February 7, 4-5 pm
  • Raven Book Club (adults): Tuesday, February 7, 6-8 pm
  • Raspberry Book Club (middle school age): Tuesday, February 14, 4-5 pm

(see our previous selections by clicking on the book club tag)

The Writer's Workshops will also be meeting in February!

We will begin our discussion of setting and world-building, so if you have a good example (either from your own writing or another author's), please bring it!

  • Rebel Writers Group (high school age): Tuesday, February 21, 4-5 pm
  • Raven Writers Group (adults): Tuesday, February 21, 6-8 pm
  • Raspberry Writers Group (middle school age): Tuesday, February 28, 4-5 pm

We hope we'll see you there!

(see information about previous meetings by clicking on the writers workshop tag)

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