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We're really excited to announce the monthly Scratch book clubs and writers' groups. There will be three of each group: Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12, and adult. All of the groups will meet monthly starting in October.

 1st Tuesday: Rebel Book Club (High School)

4-5 pm

Raven Book Club (Adult)

6-8 pm

2nd Tuesday: Raspberry Book Club (Middle School)

4-5 pm

3rd Tuesday: Rebel Writers' Group (High School)

4-5 pm

Raven Writers' Group (Adult)

6-8 pm

4th Tuesday: Raspberry Writers' Group (Middle School)

4-5 pm



The book club books for the month of October are:

Rebel and Raven - The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon


Raspberry - Holes by Louis Sachar


We hope we'll see you there!


Liz Stoneman:

I don’t think I can keep up with all the thoughts, ideas, patterns and colors that Scratch has brought to life for me. Finally, it is real that I will get pen to paper again. Just stepping inside the store and something happens.
“Follow the yellow brick road….” Oh, my.

Sep 10, 2016

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