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1 Year of Stitches: January

I'm one month in to my 1 Year of Stitches project, and the hoop is starting to fill up!

1 January 2017 Year of Stitches

January 1: just starting out

January 31 Year of Stitches

If you want to follow along every day, check out the 1yearofstitches tag on our instagram.

I started off with the intention of stitching something to do with my day, but the reality of my schedule just didn't allow for it--more than once, I looked at the day ahead and thought "if I don't do this now, it isn't going to happen at all," so I just had to do a random fill stitch before anything had happened for the day to reflect.

About halfway through the month I started adding in a daily card tarot draw, because my Wild Unknown deck is really pretty and I like it and while I was doing one thing a day, it seemed just as easy to do two.

In that spirit, here's my monthly celtic cross spread for what's coming in January:

February Year of Tarot

At the risk of interpreting where I should leave it to the viewer, I think I can safely say two things;

1) The Wild Unknown deck is the best deck.*

2) I'm seeing growth and good things here, especially to do with the store--letting go of things that haven't been working for us to make room for the things that let us continue to thrive. Count me in.

*I'm still getting to know it, honestly, and might not find that it works for me all year. I'm a bit of a deck collector, so there are some I go to for different purposes. But right now, I'm all *hearteyes* about the wild unknown.



Lovely stitches! Encourages me to get back to my “cover my army jacket with embroidered flowers” project!

Mar 15, 2017

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